September 04, 2008

Why I love slashdot

The comments are pure gold, in their insight and humour. Take a discussion on the oldest skeleton found on earth.

One comment starts off with a comment on the earth being 6000 years old (which is a popular loony creationist belief). Thereafter the comments are as follows

"The Earth *IS* only 6,000 years old. Give or take 4.54 billion years"

--"So.... Within that margin of error, the earth may not have been created yet?"

----"Scary, but that DOES go along with how I feel some Monday mornings...."

----"Don't tell anyone, but we're doing the public beta stress test, so the publisher can know how many players per server he can expect. There've been some bugs and balance problems found, though, so they might push back the actual release for another billion years. Although the publisher is calling it good enough and might shove it out the door as it is."

--------"A billion year beta? I didn't realize Google was the creator!"

------------"Well, it is called Google Earth"

:) Follow this thread here.

And start reading Slashdot. IT may be a little US-centric at times, but the insight and rational debates that are a part of discussions always leave you better informed.