December 26, 2008

Autobuilder Update

The last time I mentioned the Nexenta autobuilder, it was just opened and not fully completed. That changed recently.

The autobuilder is now in the works and since the beinning of the week has been chugging away tirelessly, working on Ubuntu Hardy's 8.04 repository. The result.. over 2500 packages now reside in Nexenta's contrib repsoitory. Going at this rate, we should have triple this amount by the end of next week.

The autobuilder is built to scale, and all of the work is shared between 2 nodes. The pace of package porting will increase with more packages. Do you have a machine free for the autobuilder to use (and have the bandwidth to spare)? Drop in on #nexenta or the devel mailing list, and we'll help you setup. Look for Tim Spriggs (aka rootard). We're still a good while away from Ubuntu's 20000 packages.

The autobuilder will however not work for packages that need to be ported to Opensolaris/Nexenta. These should be few and far in between. It does fishily sound like another hackathon.