January 23, 2009

Hackathon, 3rd Edition

The third edition of the Nexenta Hackathon starts today.

We've made incredible progress over the past two months, and the community activities have increased. The IRC channel audience has grown considerably. Starting today, we'll be working on some of the final tasks, before we release NCP2, the final version.


This hackathon also features a bounty for various tasks, sponsored by Nexenta Systems. There are small awards for some of the high priority tasks, including porting efforts, documentation, and creating Nexenta spinoffs.

The task list from the announcement.

Package porting:  Most of the packages in the repository are now automatically built. There are a few crucial packages that need to be built manually, and allow the builder to pick up on the rest.

Documentaiton: Not everyone knows how easy some tasks are on Nexenta. Help us write documentation, so new users find migrating much easier.

Distributions: NCP has now evolved to a tested core platform. Use the existing packages and window managers in the repository to build your own distribution using our distribution builder; tune Nexenta for a particular appliance and help us enhance our installer.

Significant contributions will be featured on the Nexenta project Homepage.

Further Information: http://www.nexenta.org/os/Hackathon
IRC web interface: http://www.nexenta.org/chat
Autobuilder: http://builder.tajinc.org/?f=repository_status