January 27, 2009

XFCE on Nexenta

Last time I talked about a desktop on NCP, it was about Gnome. Continuing work on the desktop by community members in Nexenta now allows for XFCE on NCP2.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="221" caption="XFCE on NCP2, Click to see full size"]XFCE on NCP2, Click to see full size[/caption]

To get this desktop running on your Nexenta install, run

apt-get install xorg
#configure X (or copy a working xorg.conf file over)
Xorg -configure
apt-get install xfce4

Once done, you can start the desktop runnign startx. To install a login manager, run

apt-get install gdm

Come over to #nexenta, and give your thanks to Jason (wavejumper) who has been working on XFCE packages.