September 07, 2012

Another convert to Sublime Text 2

As someone who has used vim for a long time, I've been won over by Sublime Text 2.

Some of the things I cared about:

  • Looks good with small fonts, and uses screen estate sparsely - it looks beautiful.
  • It is written with a custom UI toolkit, and has excellent font and colour selections, which allows great customisation of how things look. I know this first hand via Trelby, which also has custom UI controls.
  • It is fast on my netbook, and seems to use no more memory.
  • Multi-platform - no more dropping into cygwin/vim or notepad++ when I work to Windows.
  • Large, growing repository of plugins, that is integrated into the editor. no more fiddling with tarballs and dotfiles.
  • The "Goto Anything" system is awesome, specially when dealing with large files, and you need to hunt down a particular piece of code.
  • Selecting something also highlights all other instances of it.

Here's a couple of screenshots on a tiny screen (click to view full size):

Plenty of room to edit code.