Anil Gulecha

Passionate about startups, internet, entrepreneurship and media -- and areas where these intersect. I will fit best in small teams, companies that are fast-paced, build products and components as micro-services, and tend to use open source technologies.

Google 2020 —

Engineering Manager - II

Joined into the core Workspace team of Google, taking on the challenges across planet-scale enterprise suite of products.


  • Build out a team, and lead initiatives to go after the org goal for the Google Workspace set of products.
  • Team: build out best practices, and foster a team culture of inclusiveness and psychological safety. Encourage taking on large challenges.
  • Process: Launch and implement multiple initiatives. Engage across orgs to tailor a process of transparent progress across everyone in the team. Improve engineering robustmess and velocity.

HackerRank 2013 — 2020

Sr. Engineering Manager

Joined the startup early. Ownership, implementation and maintainership of multiple projects and industry-defining productlines across the company. Currently leading engineering initaitives end-to-end across multiple teams.


  • Coach and mentor strong engineering teams. Built, hired and managed an org of ~15 world-class engineers. Be their voice to the rest of the organizations and teams.
  • Build a vision, break it down to missions, and take a data-driven approach to initiate, build and launch products and services.
  • Build the new innovative product-lines. Lead and mentor the system to scale take-home tests - A system to handle scale of load from 10s to 100s to 1000s of concurrent nodes. Iterated continuously until market success was achieved and was part of more than 50% of closed deals.
  • Stakeholder approach: Default to consensus-building, and maintaining warm longer-term relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Oversee the DevOps and QA org, and take large scale initiatives to completion: total migration from cloud to k8, breakup of monolith to microservices, raise daily automation and quality coverage to 100%.
  • Setup excellence initaitves: make engineering world-class, setup checks and standards in SDLC as a startup matures to a more established organization.
  • Uptime and availability in Ops: Provide 100%, 4 9s and 3 9s of uptime across multiple services per SLA to internal and external users.
  • Taken up cloud migrations & cost optimization: On a $2.5M spend, negotiated with AWS/GCP to achieve org goals. Ensure Ops ISO adherence.
  • Owning the culture: launching short term teams/hackathons, driving tech-talks, blogs, and open house.

Trelby 2011 —


Noting a lack of good open source screenwriting options, I rebooted the Blyte screenwriter with it's original author, and renamed it Trelby. I implemented major UI modifications, import/export of the industry standard FDX format and HTML, binary installers for Windows/Ubuntu, undo/redo logic for the custom Text control, scene navigator, PDF watermarking, smooth scrolling, and multiple bugfixes. Currently also working on building a user and developer community around the project and taking on the incumbents.

Nexenta 2008 — 2013

Software Engineer

Joined the startup early, among the first few employees, allowing me to implement multiple projects across the organization.


  • The lead of the Nexenta Core Platform, the open source storage centric distribution by Nexenta. Oversaw development of OS, online community outreach.
  • Prototyping: Developed applications, tools and technologies from ground up for internal research and development.
  • Global Outreach: Spoke and represented the project at multiple conferences spanning DebConf (New York), OpenSolaris conferences (Mountainvew, Germany, France), and (India).
  • Operations: Oversaw the Indian storage business. Worked on scouting new VARs, partners, and clients.
  • Web and IT: Maintained all web properties for the initial years including, corporate website, partner outreach and CRM. Implemented licensing technology and management for commercial product. (Joomla/Wordpress/elgg/php/python).

Sun Microsystems/OpenSolaris/Beleix 2007 — 2009

Software Engineer

Served as the technical lead for Sun's Campus Ambassador program, and lead students worldwide. Also made significant contributions to the open solaris and Belenix projects


  • Ported Belenix operating system to boot via USB. Received international coverage for this work.
  • Served as the technical lead of the campus ambassador program for Sun Microsystems. Trained and evangelized open source technologies in OpenSolaris, including ZFS, Dtrace
  • Robotics: built a prototype wireless robotic car, using the embedded SunSpots platform.

Yukti/Nirmukta 2011 — 2013


I was an organizer for Nirmukta, an organization with a focus on spreading rationality and critical thinking. We conducted workshops to figure out plans to root out super-station from civil society. Invited global personalities like Narendra Nayek and Babu Gogineni to participate and speak at the envent.

VTU 2004 — 2008

Computer Science