December 02, 2007

Mozilla extensions your browser cant live without

In the flashy age of Web 2.0, a browser has evolved to be an entire platform in itself. Makes sense that the extension community of Firefox thrives. I've been working on some session persistence stuff on Opensolaris, and the first thing I required a liveCD/USB to support was firefox addons. So without further delay below are a list of extensions you cant live without.

1. DownThemAll : The age of Flashget/got is over. DownThemAll supports suspend/resume, multipart download, and sequence of files using regex like syntax.
2. Noscript : New Javascript and XSS vulnerabilities and are discovered everyday. Get noscript and save on dumb nags and bandwidth. (Note however that this is still for users with a technical bent of mind.. you'd be constantly switching it on/off for dumbly created sites.
3. AdBlockPlus : No more ads! Anywhere..
4. Download Statusbar : This improves upon the default download manager of firefox by making the download dialog non-intrusive. (Firefox developers: this need to be a part of Firefox by default.)
5. Greasemonkey : Play around with the looks of webpages using the hundreds of pre-written scripts. (Again, this is for the techy users.)
6. FireFTP : Nothing like an intuitive, small and cross platform FTP browser. This is a must have.
7. Sameplace : A jabber IM implementation. Chat using your jabber (and gTalk) account right from Firefox.

Are you viewing this from another browser? Why not give Firefox a try?