January 06, 2008

Good batting, fielding and umpiring wins Aussies second test

Australia won the second test at the SCG against India. Captain Ricky Pointing attributed the win to good bowling, fielding and umpiring.

Andrew Symonds, who performed favourably in both batting and umpiring, was declared the Man of the Match. He humbly shared his prize:

"I'd like to humbly share this with Mark Benson and Steve Bucknor, who had an equal role to play in our win."

Meanwhile India has come under a lot of criticism due to it's lackluster bowling, fielding and umpiring. This was taken into account by Australia in their game plan.

India's bad batting, bowling, fielding and umpiring"We really stuck at it. We knew India had a strong batting order, but with meticulous bowling, fielding and umpiring, we were able to carve out a win for ourselves" remarked a jubilant Ricky Ponting.

Australia have now been unbeaten for 16 straight test matches.

The Indian camp seemed dispirited after the loss. Captain Anil Kumble commented, "We put up a very good score in the first innings, but we didn't capitalize on it. Our batting lacked the depth in the second innings, and so did the fielding and umpiring."

Good batting, bowling, fielding and umpiring in old timesThis is not the first time that India has lost due to unfit fielding, bowling and umpiring.

"India's only strength is it's batting. It needs to improve in other departments, specially fielding and umpiring, if it wants to win some matches" commented commentator Ravi Shastri.

There is one more test match left in the series. Will India's dismal performance in the all the four domains of cricket improve? Only time will tell.

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