August 11, 2008

Setting up Wordpress-MU for an organization

I figured I'd write this guide for those who have certain needs to setup a blogging infrastructure for an organization.

I've joined the Nexenta project and one of my first tasks was to setup blogs and a planet. The requirements were thus:

  • Ability to blog (yes!)
  • A place to aggregate feeds (aka "Planet")

My first choice was Wordpress Mu, given that I already had experience with WP. Setting it up was easy.. below is a quick overview of what I did:

  • Login to ssh.. and create a directory for
  • Setup the apache virtual host config for the above.
  • Create a mysql database and a username/pass to access it.
  • Get and extract the wpmu latest into this directory.
  • Add a couple lines to /.htaccess
  • Launch via the browser, and enter db and blog details.. and you're done :)

Now to setup the planet.. install the following

Set FeedWordpress to post feeds directly, and check for new content every 10-20 minutes. When you give it feed links of services like blogspot, be sure to pass RSS feeds rather than ATOM.

Add a few themes and your blogging platform is ready to serve.