November 23, 2008

Nexenta on Slashdot and other updates

It was nice to wake up to a Nexenta story on slashdot. Find the discussion here.

There were some things I wanted to address some comments that were brought up.

Dont call it a Ubuntu derivative; say Debian.

The Nexenta project is an derivative of Ubuntu much the same way as Edubuntu is a derivative.. It uses the same repository and packages (and version numbers), and as such the slogan "Ubuntu userland + Opensolaris kernel".

That does not mean Debian isnt in the picture.. Nexenta is thankful to the project for the amazing work it has done, and the great packaging ecosystem it has created. But Nexenta as such is a direct port of packages in a particular Ubuntu Repository (NCP2 is based on Ubuntu 8.04).

"Proprietary" comments..

Nexenta is fully open source. Enough said.

GUI and the desktop

Refer to my earlier post.

Looks interesting..

Great! Give it a shot on your fileserver.

For more chatting on all things Nexenta join in at #nexenta on freenode or use the web based chat.


And now for the "other updates"

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I'll be at the FOSS.IN conference, which is the largest FOSS conference in India. It draws people from all around the country, and few from past the borders. This year's conference lies from the 25th to the 29th of this month.

I'm looking forward to interacting with folks, and seeking folks interested in contributing to the project. My plans include conducting hands on sessions (BoFs) for those new to the project, as well as those who understand Debian's packaging system. I'll be there with other members from BOSUG, and will either at the FOSS stalls, or near the Hackcenter area.

If you're nearby, drop in at the conference, and if you are attending, stop by and say Hi. Looking forward to meeting enthusiastic members of FOSS India.