December 01, 2008

SMF support for your favorite server applications

I putback new packages into the NCP2 repository today, and you can now have SMF support for your favorite server packages in the repository. Before I list them, a little bit on SMF.

Service Management Framework (SMF)

SMF is the opensolaris replacement for the legacy services start unix framework (what /etc/init.d did until now, and continues to on Linux).

Services in Nexenta are handled using solaris SMF. This makes it very easy to start and stop services; you dont have to worry about it’s dependency on other services, which is taken care of by SMF automatically. This cheetsheet lists how easy it is to use SMF.

SMFed Packages

  • apache2
  • mysql 5
  • postgresql-8.3
  • exim4
  • rsync

All of these are ports of their Ubuntu 8.04 counterparts.

If you want toadd SMF support to a Nexenta package, take a look at my guide on adding SMF support.

If you want to follow the latest in the nexenta codebase, bookmark this RSS feed. This is also visible on the planet homepage, if you frequent there. If you run into any issues, ping us on the -devel mailing list or on #nexenta@freenode

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