December 18, 2008

Let Me Know

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="477" caption="Let Me Know"]Let Me Know[/caption]

My friend Nitin has a knack for entrepreneurial stuff.

One of his expliots had been the Let Me know website at which was a platform used to notify students from around the country about opportunities that come up. The world before let me know meant various events, shows, scholarships, contests, etc needed to be printed on posters and pasted on school notice boards. Let Me Know changed that and turned into a one stop shop for all such information.

I can vouch for this because I heard of BITS, Goa tech fest this way, and built a robot which won accolades :). So there.. add Let Me Know to your RSS feed, or subscribe to their notifications by entering your mail at the website (its better than regularly checking the site).

PS: The robot reminds me, I still have the Spots, the motor, the ICs, solder and the metal casing. I should plan on some hardware hacking one of these weekends..