October 07, 2010

Setting up NexentaStor SDK on Ubuntu

Setting up

You'll first need to install xml headers (required to build dbus), and a perl package (used in the example scripts). Do this by

apt-get install libxml2-dev libcarp-assert-perl

Next, grab the SDK tarball from here.

Extract the tarball, cd into the directory, and build the required libraries

$ cd NexentaStor-SDK-Linux/
$ ./build_libs.sh

First Run

To run the example, you'll first need to allow the box with the SDK (say access to the NexentaStor instance (at say On the NexentaStor box, as root, do.

nmc@nza304:/$ setup appliance authentication
Option ?  iptable
Option ?  add
Option ?  allow
Mask or IPv4 address :

That's it! Now back on the SDK box, run the test with:

$ cd examples/perl/
$ ./test.pl

More articles on NexentaStor SDK and documentation to come soon.