October 15, 2010

Ubuntu Maverick on Netbook review

I upgraded my netbook from UNR 10.04 (which I wrote about here) to the latest 10.10 Maverick. Notes and thoughts below.


Loving the new font! Kudos to the Ubuntu team on focussing on these details, and specially to Mark Shuttleworth's leadership in driving these changes. I used to previously install Lucida/Mac fonts to make the desktop look good, but the new Ubuntu font is sweet too (and I notice many similarities to Lucida Grande as well). This font is a little less thick,and looks very good in small sizes.


The old netbook-launcher is gone (and I don't really miss it.. gnome-do is more than enough). I hardly ever reach for the gnome main menu now.


  • The middleclick solution works as before.
  • Like the global-menu applet (apt-get install indicator-applet-appmenu). One more row of free space on the desktop with the menu-bar moved to the panel.
  • Set the gnome panel to auto-hide, and save that space as well.

Overall, Maverick is the best to have come out of the Ubuntu project in terms of polish. Kudos to the team behind the release.