December 19, 2010

Kudos Notion Ink team

For a long time I've bemoaned to friends the lack of any kind of product vision coming from the Indian subcontinent. The developing economy coupled with English-speaking engineering populace made for a prime target for outsourcing, which meant easy (and mundane) jobs for fresh graduates- the lifeblood of new enterprises.

Which is why it is heartening to see the frenzy around Notion Ink Adam! Go on, head over to the notionink blog, and read the comments on the posts. When was the last time you read such excited discussions, and saw folks waiting for a product. The Ipad perhaps.

Rohan's posts on the blog are raw, from the heart.. I suspect Woznaik would have blogged like this when he built the first Apple computers. There was a short time at the beginning of the year when Notion ink seemed to have gone the way of so many exciting new products, into the hole of vaporware country, but it was simply the NI team working in the background to build something special. They seem to have discarded the default Android launcher, and built something more tablet friendly.

Still not excited? The Adam will have the following words engraved: "Created with Love by Notion Ink". When was the last time you saw anything say that.

Well done, NI team!