January 13, 2011

Criminals and harbingers of future

In Schneier's latest post talking about the Johannesburg SIM card theft

These crimes are a harbinger of the future: evolutionary pressure on our society, if you will. Criminals are often referred to as social parasites, but they are an early warning system of societal changes. Unfettered by laws or moral restrictions, they can be the first to respond to changes that the rest of society will be slower to pick up on.

Very interesting thought. Turns more interesting when applied to all of the scams being uncovered locally (3G, Satyam, etc).


This would be a good time to recommend the Pragati Magazine. If you look at upcoming magazine startups and think-tanks locally, Pragati is perhaps the most promising one. It has a very knowledgeable editorial team, with focus on issues from a national interest viewpoint. I love the free-trade outlook that is normally taken, something I believe is needed for higher levels of local prosperity, and general happiness.

You can read articles online, download the magazine as a PDF, or subscribe for the dead-tree version. I got my first copy via mail today.


Anyone aware of sociology institutions in Bangalore? I've had a growing interest on this topic.