March 03, 2011

New Project

Over two and a half years after joining the Nexenta project, I've decided to take some time off to pursue some projects I've had an eye on for a while.

A fun ride

Nexenta project has come  a long way over the time I've been a part of it. From the fledging distribution, to a mainstream storage distro, it has come a long way in features and community. From six employees to a hundred. From nothing to the fastest growing storage appliance. It's been a fun ride.

To all the folks I've know via Nexenta and it's community: thanks for all the fish :) I hope to keep an eye out on future developments.

There were some concerns raised about the activity (or the lack of it) around the NCP and NexentaStor Community Edition. While there haven't been many new announcements, there is a team much larger than NCP2 and 3 working in the background on NCP4. The early previews for the next community edition were handed out at SCALE. I'm hoping these announcements will be made on the sites soon.

My nexenta ID is retired, so you can reach out to me via my gmail ID (in the about me).

The way ahead

I've chosen to spend some time on a non-tech project I've had in mind for a while, about which I hope to blog in the coming weeks and months. I have allocated some time to work with startups so I'm available for consulting on interesting projects.

More to come soon.