May 19, 2011

sshlist - an appindicator/unity replacement for sshmenu

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="399" caption="sshlist in action"]sshlist in action[/caption]

[Note: SSHlist has been deprecated,in favor of SSHplus. SSHlist will no longer be developed, but is still made available]

Since moving to Ubuntu Natty, I've missed the sshmenu applet a lot.

So I spent an hour to writeup a functionally equivalent appindicator menu. And so sshlist was born.

Using sshlist is simple. From the instructions:

  • Copy file (this file) to /usr/local/bin
  • Edit file .sshlist in home directory to add ssh host (one per line)
  • You can if you wish add additional ssh options. The line is appended to the ssh command
  • Launch
  • Or better yet, add it to gnome startup programs list so it's run on login.

Of course, much of that could be automated, patched and/or packaged. For now simply head to the repository, click on "" and grab the raw file, and follow the above instructions.

Patches welcome.

Update: Benjamin Heil extended sshlish for simplestarter, which allows launch of multiple applications with various arguments. It might suit your needs.

Update 2: SSHplus is better! This version will no longer be maintained.